Holiday Season

Here come the holidays!

This is my first orphan Xmas away from my family. I am not looking forward to being away from them. My original plan was to skip the country – home was 3k return and not viable however Hawaii was $700 return and the distraction of the sun, sand and waves would keep me happy. However that didn’t work out either.

I have a few friends to visit on Xmas, some dinners and some lunch so I will be nice and occupied. Christmas in NZ will actually be on the 24th here. Luckily we finally have wireless at home now so my olds can Skype me in!

New Years, well I know this will surprise you but I wanted to skip the country lol. However nobody wanted to fly away with me so I thought I was destined to be stuck here.

There is a Great Gatsby party here I was planning on going to and a friend invited me to Whistler but I’m not sure they got accommodation sorted.

Then I got a message from one of my first Contiki buddies and they’re getting married/ having their Canadian ceremony on NYE in Toronto! I love weddings and it would be the perfect excuse to go explore the other side of the country with some great people. I think I will book that.


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