New York – Day One

We arrived in NYC after only about 3 hours sleep. Exhausted, we took the train to Jamaica station then the subway to 42nd and walked from there to where we were staying at my old bosses apartment.

We had been left entry to the apartment so after a chat with concierge we headed up to the 44th floor and after awwing at the amazing view hopped straight into bed for a nap. We woke up about 11 and did some quick shopping before meeting John at 5.

John, ever the gracious host immediately pulls out a glass of wine for us and has and chat before he headed off to Long Beach. We continued on drinking the headed out.

Crazy night.

Started at Liberty where I’ve been before and is full of Aussie bartenders. We picked their brains for places to go before meeting some men at the bar who took us to this fantastic venue which I don’t know the name of or where it is haha.

After there we went to Ace Hotel but it was packed so we ended up leaving for the Standard Hotel and I talked our way up to a club way up high with an amazing view. There was a security dude inside the hotel who was telling us we wouldn’t get in. I kept talking and eventually he said he would try get us in. He text his buddy and eventually said if we go to the second door and tell the security my name and code word delta, we should be able to get in. We were ushered to the front and inside the elevator!

We got home around 4am I think? It was a great night!







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