New York – Day Two

After sleeping off our hangovers we didn’t really get up and going until later on in the day.

We walked straight up to Central Park, me with a hot dog in hand. We wandered around briefly while being accosted by men trying to get us on their bikes and horse carts.

In the park we walked around just taking in the sights. We walked out and continued over to 5th ave and Madison Ave to do some shopping.

For my birthday I bought new Michael Kors perfume and a small clutch to match my big clutch. Nearly bought a few other items too but managed to keep my credit card safe.

We had lunch at the Green Cafe after finding out the restaurant on level 9 of Barney’s had a 40minute wait. I almost wish we waited. I had a fig, apple and blue cheese sandwich but the bread was old and it wasn’t as nice as I had hoped.

We skipped over to Times Square (in taxi coz they’re cheap and I felt lazy) and again just took in all the sights. It was super packed so we headed to the shops and I bought an outfit.

Back at home we met John, Chrissy and their friends for some drinks and had a blast. When they left for dinner we jumped in the shower and got ready for that night when John’s colleague, Troy took us out.

First up, Crouton Reservoir Tavern where we had some delicious appies and drinks. Thanks to Chad for looking after us.

We then headed over to the lower east side where we bar hopped. Sixth Ward, Fat Baby, Hair of the Dog and for the finale, The Box.

I have always, always wanted to go to The Box! Last year when I was in NYC we tried to get in after a friend told me about it. We offered the guy on the door a fair amount of cash and yet still not cookie. This year we managed to we in. I was so excited! And it was awesome. I will do another blog about it.

At this point we lost Jay but Troy & I partied on, going to his mates bar that had closed and waiting around for them until around 6am. Breakfast is the obvious thing to do at that time so we went to my fave Bryant Deli for another egg, bacon and cheese roll, melted to perfection. Delicious! Love that place.

Back at the apartment I thought John was staying in Long Beach, turned out he’d messaged saying he was staying but I had missed it. Troy & I snuck in and ate our breakfast while he deliberated whether to crash on the couch or catch the first train back to New Jersey. He chose the train and I crashed out.

Massive night and massive thanks to Troy for looking after us and showing us around – had the best time!!

















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