Rad Birthday Night

Had my birthday dinner and party on Friday night – surpassed my expectations!

I have such a great group of friends here in Canada and those who could turned out in force.

We started at Lux Lounge for dinner and drinks. About 15 of us maybe? Food was a little on the small side and they ran out of about half the menu but otherwise great service.

Jay surprised me with cupcakes and sparklers, in the pic you’ll see I look like I’m turning 7, not 27 I’m so excited!

Lux Lounge shouted me this amazing drink, basically they turned a whole heap of bottles upside down and on top of each other with alcohol hidden in between them and then lit on fire -looked awesome.

Around 11 we headed to Cabana for dancing, we lost some of the group and gained others. What a night! Lots of dancing, lots of friends and too many shots! Even had champagne poured down our throats on the dance floor.

Stumbled in for avocado on toast at 4am but not before I made Jay hail us a cab for the last three blocks coz my feet were killing me and I couldn’t go any further! Cost $10 but well worth it.













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