My first Canucks game!

I loved, loved, loved!!! My first Ice Hockey game.

The game was great, the Vancouver Canucks lost against the Tampa Bay Lightening but it was the atmosphere that got me.

The lighting, the music, the signage. I loved the nets that came down in the 4 corners of the rink that were projected onto. The whole stadium was buzzing, so much energy!

Every second person was in a Canucks jersey – at $200 a piece that’s a well sold garment.

My seats in the nose bleeds was $105 – they must make a fortune. I answer why people return though. Even from the nosebleeds you get a great view, see them all scattering around the ice, you can hear the puck smashing against the stick and the players being crashed into the wall. It’s exhilarating.

Shame I can’t make it to another game before I leave. I wish I went to more of them.

Having worked in sports I was awestruck. The sponsorship initiative and activations, the brand placement, charity & community involvement, grass roots incorporation, their match day videos, kiss cam, giveaways, member thank you, they even changed the signage around the rink in the break!

Reminds me how much I would love to work for a sports team again.

Go Canucks!






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