Falling down a mountain

I didn’t really fall down a mountain. But I may as well have! Friday night I attempted (key word there) to snowboard. No lessons, no idea.

Boots, board, bindings, let’s go.

Merica said I’d learn as I go and I was basically pushed down the top of the mountain. I then proceeded to fall down as I could barely stay up.

I sucked. I really did! I was exhausted by the time I got to the end, I was shaking and could not wait to get my boots off, my feet were killing me.

Huge thanks to Merica and Steve for persevering with me!

Massive thanks to everyone that managed not to hit me while I lay/ sat in the middle of the mountain mustering the courage and energy for my next fall!

On reflection, I had a great time. However if you’d told me that at the time I would have never believed you. Was one of the most difficult things I have attempted. Ever.

Props to snowboarders!

I’m going to try skiing next. When I can lift my arms above my head and my ass isn’t a shade of purple!









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  1. ouch! I know exactly how you are feeling… though I was like that AFTER lessons 🙂 if you wanna ski before you leave Canada, they have a girls only lesson on Friday nights at cypress – I think it’s from 6.30-8.30pm and you all go for a drink and some appies in the bar afterwards. takes the pressue off learning a bit more because it’s all ladies and you’re all fairly new. No offence to your first attempt on snow but “you’ll learn as you go down” probably isn’t the best way to learn haha. your poor bottom 🙁 but good on you for getting out there!!

    • Haha oh I will be like that after lessons too!
      That’s a good idea, I will check that out.
      Haha I agree, it was a bit ruthless! Ironically, while my butt and knees were well bruised, it was my arms and pecks that took the hammering!

      • after I was learning I was wondering why my arms were SO sore! i fell over so much and my arms just weren’t used to picking my ass up all the time haha. such an awkward angle to push up from too. oh snowboarding… hope i get to go up some time this season. just hasn’t really been that nice 🙁 but you are leaving so you should definitely make the most of it!!

  2. Snowboarding is the best! I tried skiing first and hated it but took to snowboarding quickly… it’s a more painful learning curve but people pick it up quicker than skiing I find. Give urself 5 days and afterwards you’ll look like everyone else on the hill….

    • I was so sore I could barely move my arms over my head for 3 days! I couldn’t stand up forward so spent the entire time flipping back onto my tummy to get back up! Will give it another go though 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  3. I really wish snowboarding came to me naturally but it didn’t. However, my partner snowboards and I wanted to stick with it. I don’t completely suck now, but I won’t budge off the green runs! I think we’re heading down south in Aug which will be our first time on snow for two years. Argh.

    • Argh haha. Sorry I just saw your comment! Good on you for persevering! I don’t know when I’ll get the courage to give it a go again! In saying that I think if I did it during the day I would feel a bit safer instead of thinking there’s a massive cliff beside me the whole time! Some snowfall would be great too! 🙂


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