Lazy Saturday

I’m not drinking due to my impending trip to Barbados and my larger than usual body. So I’ve been trying to find things to do on my weekend other than go out then be hungover.

Saturday I had a lovely sleep in then headed to Costco to get a script. I love wandering around and seeing what they have there – their variety is incredible.

My lovely friends Ka Lei & Kieran picked me up and we headed to the Vancouver aquarium in Stanley Park. I have a membership and I love it there so wanted to go at least one more time before I left.

First we went for a stroll around the park. It is so beautiful and was an incredibe day. I will miss Vancouver because of days like this.

It was great to be at the aquarium with someone who likes it as much as I do! I could spend (and I do) hours there leaning about the marine life and watching all the creatures. Ka Lei was the same and both K&K ended up getting a membership. I should be getting commission!

After the aquarium we went back to Basil for Thai – such a great place and so cheap! Thurlow and Davie. I had a green Thai chicken and eggplant curry and a fresh coconut mm.

Next up, Victoria’s Secret. I accidentally bought stuff. No I didn’t. I totally did it in purpose but I really have no more room in my bags! Anyway it was their semi annual sale and I ended up trying on soo much stuff but just ended up with a few items.

I bid adieu to K&K, walked home to get my bikini then over to Amanda’s for a hot tub. So good! My poor muscles needed some loving after falling down the mountain.

Home to bed for a big Sunday back on the mountain!












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