Sunday Funday

Got up at 9 – which was exceptionally difficult on a Sunday – and got ready to hit the snow. And no, I don’t mean snowboarding. After my experience falling down the mountain I’m still aching. In fact I think the pain is worse. Certainly in my pecks and arms.

Anyway we cruised up to Mt Seymour for Ka Lei & I to go tubing & Kieran to go snow boarding. Both tubing & the runs were both closed due to lack of snow so we decided to try another mountain. Luckily Vancouver is surrounded by them, spoilt for choice.

We went to Cypress – they had the most snow and the activities we wanted to do. We dropped Kieran off snowboarding and we took the new pimp mobile (massive new Ford Explorer that I love) down to tubing at Nordic.

We finally got our tickets and grabbed a tube. They tow you up the mountain (you can walk but why would you when you can be towed) then you line up for about 20mins before its your turn.

We went together first, it was awesome! We went pretty fast, spinning down the hill. Ka Lei copped a massive ice spray in the face, I was good.

In an hour and a half we managed to go down three times. By the time We were waiting on our second, Kieran had already done seven runs! There’s quite a bit of waiting involved.

The next two times we went down solo on the faster runs – was great fun! Only $18 for 2 hours too which is really good I thought.

We met Kieran back at the pub for lunch and a hot apple cider around 3pm. I love the hot apple ciders there, they’re delicious. Ka Lei had a hot apple pie (alcoholic cider beverage) which tasted amazing!

The food was all pretty average. Kieran and I both had a salad while Ka Lei had the chilli which was more like a beef stew with veggies.

Kieran went off for some more runs while Ka Lei & I chilled by the fire. My toes had gone numb from the cold earlier so I was happy to sit inside.

We were going to go to The Parlour for dinner then to a movie but realised we wouldn’t have much time with the movie beginning at 6.50 so we decided to grab a quick dinner then catch the movie.

Chipotle was quick, delicious and almost healthy! We got to the cinema in time, only to realise all three movies we had looked at had sold out.

Home for an early night, skyping my parents and reading.





















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