Moving & Dinner with K&K

Last night I moved. A little rushed but was easier than expected thanks to K&K’s beast!

We did a drop off of my bedding to Carso, picked up my glasses from Billy’s and dropped the rest at Jay’s place.

Finally back at Ka Lei & Kieran’s it was dinner time! They (Kieran) had cooked a huge bolognaise, the sauce had 10 different veggies in it!

My stance on mince (used to hate it) is obviously changing as I really enjoyed the meal.

We drank some wine and chatted until we realised how late it was and Ka Lei braved the roads (she’s learning to drive on the other side in the massive truck) to take me home.

Lovely night, makes me think of how much I will miss all my friends when I go. But that’s the thing about travelling. Everytime you leave, a little part of your heart stays too.


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