Charlotte, North Carolina

Topdeck tour day three.

Bags to van 7.30am. I hate those words. Getting up ‘early’ is a skill I’ve never acquired. I’ll add here that I was still getting used to the 3hours time difference and that for me it felt like 4.30am in my defence.

We drove for too long – we arrived at 4pm. Another lovely hotel however in the middle of nowhere.

Lucky for me there was a mall across the road and I walked out with a bright orange Michael Kors over the shoulder bag. Love it!

Shopped for a while with Abbey & Mae, dropped bags back at hotel and met in the lobby for dinner.

We drove over to the Penguin Diner, little did we know what we were on for! – good old southern hospitality!

The owner, Lisa took us on a fantastic tour of the area, I loved it. Could easily live there. We went to four bars and she even bought us a PBR (which I swear tasted the same as our NZ beer, Tui) each to try.

After that great tour we sat down for our delicious burgers, fries, macaroni cheese bites and fried pickles. Amazing.

After dinner we went and met Lisa at another bar, La Bon, where she got us a round of delicious shots (sweetest lady ever) and we had a few more cocktails.

I had a paradise and it rated just how it sounded. Mmmm lychees and who knows what else, it was damn good!












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