Palm Springs – Roadie Days 2&3

After Hermosa we drove to Palm Springs. We really wanted to go to Hawaii or Mexico but Spring Break had pushed the prices through the roof. Palm Springs was the hottest destination we could get ourselves to.

The drive in was great, the colours are amazing. It’s all these dull browns, beige and golds. Lolling hills then bunches of palm trees – it’s quite a contrast.

Our hotel was in Cathedral City, there was a conference on and the rest were full up. We were right under a massive mountain, in the midst of the desert.

If you want a short summary it would be this: it’s a desert city in the middle of nowhere with lots of palm trees, a giant Marilyn Monroe figure and many retirees.

I’m glad I visited but I probably wouldn’t go again. Although there’s some hikes around there that would be fun.

We drove into town, tried to get a pedicure with no luck then struggled to find a place to have dinner without a 20min wait.

We finally found an Italian place, it had lovely decor and we sat outside while I sipped one of the best wines I have had in my life. They couldn’t give me the name of it, the only info I could get out was that it was from Italy and a red blend. Not entirely helpful when I wanted to buy a lifetime supply.

The next day we got up early and went to get pedicures then I got my hair cut while Carso stayed at the beauty salon.

We went to Trader Joes – I know I’ve said how much I love this place before but I really do LOVE it! We got a huge haul for $40 including a triple cream Brie, triple cream blue, almond flavoured sparkling wine, cured meats variety, crackers, olive dip, two types of choc.. Amazing. We would easily pay double that in Canada for half the quality.

The almond sparkling wine blew my mind. It tasted like happiness. Amaretto and sparkling wine. Yum.

We ate then hung out poolside for an hour or so. Hoped I’d get a tan but no luck.

Outlet shopping! That was fun. I bought my brothers a pair of Supra shoes each and treated myself a gorgeous Kate Spade bag. Carso bought half the mall. We had a great time!

When I was ordering my soy chai latte I was singing ‘At Last’ by Etta James. When I was handed my cup, he’d written ‘vocalist’ on it as my name. Lucky he was cute haha.

We stopped at Marunga Casino on the way home for dinner and had the President’s Day special – NY steak & prawns with soup, veggies and mash.

We went back home for a early night before our trip to San Diego the next day.



















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