San Diego – Roadie Days 4&5

This ended up being probably our fave spot on the trip.

We stayed at this great resort I found on google called Humphreys Half Moon Inn on Shelter Island. It was like a tropical resort with lush plantation and a big pool on the waterfront.
We want for a swim but there was a crazy lady (literally the most manically mentally ill person I have met in my life, planning to overthrow the USA government and telling me that we were now connected but not to tell anyone we met and that the devil comes out at night) scared everyone out and we instead went to watch the subset over the harbour.

I thought I heard a dolphin but it was a huge Sea Lion and he was gorgeous! Popping up all over the place like an excited puppy. A fisherman came over on his boat ad told us how they follow them in on the hope of bait or burley being thrown out to them.

After watching the gorgeous sunset we went to the local bar for happy hour where I danced with some locals (swing which I was terrible at but had a great time) then headed off to Brigantine for oysters and Tuesday Taco night!

Brigantine was great fun – they out up with my goofy tipsy mood and the food was great. We went back to the hotel bar for a drink where I met a really interesting man who remote control drives submarines from ships for a living – what a cool job! And he lived on a boat in the harbour too. He kept me occupied while Carso chatted up the bar man.

We had an early night and chilled out in the morning, heading to breakfast at the hotel bar with a gorgeous view of the marina before driving to the airport where Carso flew home and I flew to Vegas!














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