AFL came to Wellington on ANZAC day with the Lions facing the Saints.

To start with, I must advise that I am slightly bias. Understatement of the year, I’m totally, utterly bias. I used to work for the Lions. GOOO LIONS!

I think it’s fantastic that St Kilda have the relationship and contract to have a game at the Cake Tin each year. It’s awesome for Wellington Tourism and for the sport.

Anyway the Lions won! WAHOOOO! Tell you what though, that last quarter was a full on nail biting experience! My heart was leaping from my chest. First win of the year and awesome to get the 4 points in the board.

My parents were happy as sitting with the parents of the Lions – I was lucky enough to be gifted tickets by some of the boys for my family and my Dad was loving learning all the rules and insights from the people who know best.

I was even luckier to be sat in the St Kilda lounge. Great food, great wine and great people. I met so many hilarious and fun people that night. I tried to keep neutral in the beginning with my supporting of the Lions but the cat was soon out of the bag, my emotions are on free flow at the games!

We partied the night away after, it was great fun!

Even more exciting, I actually get two Lions games in a row! I’m off to Brisbane on Thursday and will be catching their home game against the Swans.









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