Brisbane, Day 1

Well it was a long day! But it’s so goo to be back.

Who the hell decided one needs to be at the airport 90 mins prior to departure, I ask you?! This is not ideal when your flight is at 6am. Hello 4am taxi and 3.45am alarm.

I can never sleep the night before an early flight and this one was no different. I even went to bed early in an attempt to lull myself into the world of the sleeping. Nope, brain wouldn’t have any of that.

Anyway, I got to the airport and though I’d booked with AirNZ, my flight was being handled by Virgin. I’ve flown this flight many, many times. I have never seen so many people in the queue to check in. You can imagine my excitement when I realised that my silver Virgin Velocity card snuck me through to priority check in! Whoop! So I flew through that and for the first time in my life, customs was actually closed. What?! Anyway come 4.30am the doors opened and I wa through.

Props to the lovely man who gave me a huge discount on the bottle of port I bought for my friend’s 30th.

Anyway get to Brisbane as feel that delightfully muggy air sweep across my face and feel immediately at home again. I love it here.

Trained in to my old flat, caught up on some work and with my old Flatty, David, then into town on the ferry for some shopping.

Eventually found a dress at Sheike then had lunch with David at the Pineapple, had a nap then to Story Bridge Hotel with Sammy. It’s looking great there, they’ve done a refurb as it’s super cute.

We headed to Glass Bar where Kim and Sophie met us then Sammy left for footy practice. The three of us went to one of my fave places in Brisbane, Harajuku Gyoza and we gorged on dumplings. So many dumplings. That place makes me happy. So do those lovely ladies.

Back at the girls I went through some of my stuff I have stored there and threw away a massive pile of stuff before Celia came to grab me and take me back to hers to stay.

Massive day! Loved it. Only a few days here so each one will be jam packed.









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