Rain, Glaciers and more rain

We woke up to rain in Franz Josef but we headed to the glaciers anyway.

We found out the walk was an hour, 45mins and since it wasn’t too heavy rain we decided to make the walk.

Little did we know! 20mins in it pissed down. Heaviest rain I’ve seen in ages. May I add Ru and I didn’t have rain coats just our puffer jackets. They’re not waterproof. In fact, they’re more of a water soaker and within minutes I was soaked from head to toe.

It was gorgeous scenery though and it was kind of an adventure so I actually enjoyed it.

We couldn’t get close to the glacier but got some good shots.

Back at the car we though screw it we will do Fox Glacier as well. It was a shorter walk but up a steep hill.

About 20mins in we realised nobody had the keys. We had left them in the car. Unlocked. With all our stuff. We decided to continue anyhow as the rain (again) had swept right in.

We got much closer to Fox Glacier, it was awesome to see up close.

Back at the car we were totally relieved to find not only had the car not auto locked but all our stuff was there. Hallelujah!!

We drove through Past the stunning Lake Wanaka and Lake Hawea before arriving in Queenstown where we checked in and headed to town in search of the infamous Fergburger. It certainly lived up to its reputation, we were all in awe as we are away snuggles in front of the fire on the couch in our apartment.



















3 thoughts on “Rain, Glaciers and more rain”

  1. Rainy adventures!! I love the south island photos. Makes me a bit sad to see them. Looks like you made the most of your trip despite the rain. Mmmmm fergburger!! Good times 🙂

  2. Looks like an awesome day, one you will always remember. What I always remember with those walks up high is the air, it is so fresh, you feel like you have having refreshing drink with each deep breath.


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