Wagamama, Wellington

I’m a fan of Wagamama from Brisbane and was excited to find it sitting on the waterfront!

My brother and I went in for dinner, ad of course, it was fab.

We shared the gyoza and I had the house soup – duck noodles with lot of ginger. It was a great broth, I really enjoyed it.

Will definitely be back!

And I did! Two nights ago I went back and tried the chicken ramen, the broth wasn’t anything to rave about but the chicken was cooked well and there were some nice veggies thrown in.

I also tried the apple cinnamon wontons. I didn’t read the description properly and was quite surprised to find that is was filled with rice – coconut rice. Definitely made for an interesting texture and I’d go so far to say that I think it would be better without it or perhaps if it wasn’t the main ingredient. Still good though. They were kind enough to replace our ice cream with sorbet too which was so good my brother called them back to check that it was sorbet!

As you can tell, everyone was really keen to have their photos taken.







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