St Kilda Sunset

Following my previous blog, I realised I really hadn’t been doing enough exploring, so Ru and I headed down to St Kilda to watch the sunset and for dinner the other night.

We walked the pier, out along the yachts and settled back along the shoreline to watch the sun go down.

Unfortunately my phone was having an off day, it literally kept turning off so I missed taking pics of much of the sunset.

Awesome news: after borrowing the bathroom at Republica I discovered they do $2 oysters on Fridays! Just goes to show people, bathroom door advertising does work. Their ROI on that poster is about to go through the roof!

After sunset we cruised around St Kilda. We were drawn into the many cake shops (who wouldn’t be) and I ended up with a salted caramel macaroon in my mouth before I knew it!

Dinner was a difficult choice but we settled on dumplings at Shifu, they were delightful.

So much more to check out down there! Be brilliant once the weather eases up a little, it’s damn cold.








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