Weekend rendezvous

I had the flu during the week, it absolutely rolled me so I decided to try lay low at least a little. It was tough, seeing as I’m still new to Melbourne I just wana be out checking everything there is to do around the place.

Friday I had a lovely date, we went to Gazi in the city then for a big walk and coffee at Brunetti’s before I was dropped home. 

Saturday I caught up on some sleep (flu still lingering) and went for a walk. I had Adam and Sally’s house warming party in Elwood (where I managed to get lost and freak myself out in the suburbs) then I cabbed over to Sophie’s birthday party in St Kilda. It was funny actually, a bunch of people I went to school with and knew from my home town all over here. About 2am I headed to Chapel St and met Nikita at Pawn & co. I’d barely drunk so after brushing off a bunch of very drunk men in suits I made my way home. 

Sunday I kept with my ritual – a walk, strawberries and coconut water then a 30 minute massage – amazing. I love those little ladies in the Como centre. 


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