Done & dusted

Another big weekend done & dusted!

Friday I had a bunch of interviews and was offered a job, however I declined. Annabelle came over and I cooked for us all while we had some drinks and headed out in South Yarra to Morris Jones and Boutique. Had a great night.

Saturday I went to Albert Park for a big walk and did all the domestic duties before Annabelle came over and joined Ru, Dave and myself for dinner. I just did a simple fish with veggie stir fry – trying to stay healthy and all that!

The girls dressed up and we headed to the city to Baroq House, which was decidedly average before waiting outside in the freezing cold, McDonald’s in hand, attempting to get a cab for 40minutes at 2am. Not particularly ideal!

Sunday was busy again, I went for a run then met Annabelle to tram to College Lawn in South Yarra to watch the Hawthorn game. Ru joined us and we met a bunch of people so floated over to Lucky Liquor before home.

I’m certainly glad I have Mondays off at the moment as that would have been difficult to cope with!

Yet again, I was shocking at taking pictures, however there’s a couple in my gallery including some random selfies, so here goes…







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