A month in Melbourne

It’s hard to believe I have been here over a month already! 

Time has flown. 

Even though I haven’t been working as such I am still flat out all the time. Between interviewing, job hunting, contracting for CEFA in Canada, seeing friends, exercising and partying, my days are full! 

I’m lucky I have the contract with CEFA to tie me over while I find the right job. It allows me to wait and choose the right role. I had a job offered to me last week that I had to turn down as the $$ weren’t where they should be and I wasn’t willing to accept less. Unfortunately the job market is such that many people are signing for less than they are worth. I have interviewed for many roles, most I decide I am not interested in for whatever reason – generally not challenging enough.

I’m undeterred though, I have another four interviews lined up in the next week, all in the appropriate pay bracket and all seem like great companies that will provide a challenge and career progression – yay! See how we go 🙂

I’ve made a bunch of lovely new friends and caught up with sooo many people I didn’t even realise were here. And yet I still have a heap more I need to catch up with! I’m constantly booked out at least a week in advance in the evenings and my weekends are a few ahead too. I love being busy and with people though so it’s great! 

I’ve orientated myself by running around the area. Mainly Toorak, South Yarra and along the river to places I don’t know. I signed up for hot yoga for a month yesterday too! Damn my hamstrings hurt. 

I party on the weekends, usually dinner and drinks with the girls then out. Either I will cook or we will go out. I’ve found my fave spots but still hunting for more. Stick around South Yarra, Prahan, Toorak, Richmond and occasionally the city. I go to a few sports games too which generally see us heading to the pub afterwards.

And of course I have been dating. Lots to be honest! I love meeting new people and finding out their story. There’s not many that have made it through to a round two date yet though and none to a round three. That’s all I’m giving away there! 

Melbourne is rich in culture and their restaurant scene is the backbone of the city. Seeing how I love to eat this is working out well for me. Thank goodness I have time to work it all off!!

All in all,life is good. 


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