Mid August Weekend Shenenigans

I still can’t believe how fast the year is flying by!

Friday night I had my lovely friend Lisa over for dinner. I made her a green veggie stir fry with veal stuffed with mushrooms and crumbed. She bought the wine. We make a great pair.

We went out on Chapel, trying my new favourite first, Katuk. I think I prefer Katuk during the week though. On the weekends it is really busy and there’s a lot of manipulating required to find somewhere to sit down. Next up we cabbed over to Cuba Cabana (or something? It’s on Greville) to meet a friend of mine. As it turned out there was a birthday party for someone from my home town at the venue so there were a few others I knew there too! Lisa got bored quickly though so we were on the hunt again, this time for somewhere to dance. Pawn & Co was dead, a short stroll found us at Temperance then we gave up and went home.

Saturday morning I went to Liar Liar in Hawthorn for brunch and it was hands down delish. Go there.

Lisa, Cheena and I went on a little adventure to Lysterfield Park/ Lake where we took some ridic selfies with kangaroos. Yep, look closely between our heads and you’ll find it!

The lake wasn’t actually as picturesque as I had expected, although it was nice to walk through the woods for 1.5 hours and get some fresh air. After Liar Liar there was no room for the bacon and egg pie I baked the night before for a picnic though!

Saturday evening Annabelle and I rushed around and made it to the Lions v Pies game for the 2nd quarter. I’m surprised we actually made it that early, we hadn’t even grabbed the tickets from the hotel 10mins before bounce!

The game was freaking fantastic. Being an avid Lions fan, it was super exciting to watch them kick the Pies butt!! Much jumping and yelling was had. And Champagne. After the game we raced home then met some of the boys at Eve for a post match drink, I hadn’t seen many of them for a year or so.

On a side note, what the frick happened with the Bledisloe Cup?! I was watching the AFL game at the time so was grabbing snippets from Twitter and the bar TV on the breaks. Disappointing.

So I got home at stupid o’clock and spent Sunday just chilling out knowing full well I had to be up and out for a Sunday session at College Lawn in Prahan with Nikita and Annabelle at around 5pm.

Come the time I got there I was delirious with tiredness. I was just laughing at everything and having issues with my vocabulary and putting my sentences together after one pint of cider so I gave up, ordered a leek and pumpkin risotto with gorgonzola and settled in for a sober evening.

In a stroke of absolute brilliance (Nikita found it mortifying) all three of us rocked up in ripped jeans to the pub!

Around 11, Annabelle and I headed off, stopping at a Japanese joint on Chapel for some sushi, noodles and miso.

Another huge weekend, loved it!









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