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I’ve been a fan of hot yoga for years. Not bikram, just normal yoga practised in a room heated at 36 degrees.

Since I’ve moved to Melbourne all I seem to do is eat and drink so I figured I should do something to counter the affects of that, hot yoga it was!

I started yoga while I was in NZ then did a handful of hot yoga classes in Brisbane however it was in Canada I really started to enjoy it.

Yoga is extremely popular in Canada. You cannot go anywhere without seeing a studio. What I found great was that after the classes you’re encourage to hang around and drink tea in purpose designed tea rooms with the other yogis before you leave.

Anyway I signed up three weeks ago to One Hot Yoga on River Street in South Yarra with the intention of just trying it out. I’m pleased to say I went six times the first week, four the second and it will be four again this week. It makes me feel better (at the risk of sounding cheesy) mind, body and soul. I never knew that a tall plank would become a ‘resting’ position and I’m glad to say I am seeing results, specifically in my core. I look and feel a lot stronger.

You sweat out the toxins, you stretch your body to the limits in the heat and your breath helps you to mediate. I’m not very good at the meditating part, I find it difficult to clear my mind. Although occasionally if I turn up really early to class I’ll nearly fall asleep before the instructor starts talking!

I walk out looking like I’ve been swimming – I can’t stress to you how much you sweat in there but I feel a million bucks… Once my legs stop shaking from their work out that is.

I love the One Hot Yoga studios. Firstly I can walk there in about 7 minutes so they’re very convenient. They’re clean, with decent size change rooms and helpful instructors. What I like most though is that the mats are already in the studio. So all you need to bring is your towel and water – easy.

I also love their app. I book all my classes on there and can see my yoga history. I find it really useful, they’re a busy studio and the classes will fill so it allows you to see which ones are free and which instructors are taking them.

I have a funny story for you. The other day I was feeling really tired but decide I would go to class anyway. I shouldn’t have. I was struggling with the poses from exhaustion. When I put my leg up in three legged dog I managed I kick the bowl on the heater scaring the absolute crap out of all my fellow class and then it fell on my mat. The obvious thing for me to do was clean it up with my towel however then I got a whiff if it as realised it wasn’t water, it was oil. My mat and towel were now covered in oil and the class were still in shock. I was mortified! And I couldn’t even wipe the sweat from my face as my towel was now drenched in oil!
Note to self: upon feeling exhausted, do not attempt to practise yoga.




2 thoughts on “Hot Yoga Trial”

  1. I’m a One Hot Yoga girl! I’m obsessed with it 😉 If you haven’t already, try Pheobe’s 4pm power flow class: not not, but warm and you certainly get sweaty! Also, all of Masha’s classes are a dream! xx

    • I tried one of Phoebe’s classes the other day, she’s great as she will stop to explain technique a little more too. Gorgeous girl, I need her tan! Will have to try one of Marsha’s too 🙂 xx


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