Sunday Funday!

I’m a week behind in telling you about my weekend and to be honest I can’t particularly recall my entire weekend from the week before but I have photos of Sunday to jog my memory so that’s what you get!

Sunday I hosted on behalf of a client a bunch of guys at the MCG for the last St Kilda AFC game in Melbourne for the year. Now by host I mean I found them all (no idea who they were but had meeting points around MCG) then took them up to the function, introduced them to each other and made sure they had a drink and someone to chat to. By the end of the first quarter they were all set so I was set to start with the champers!

Annabelle accompanied me and I had a great time watching the footy (even though Saints lost big time) as I’m now quite familiar with a bunch of the regular guys and their wives at the functions. I actually look forward to seeing some of them now.

After footy we cabbed to my fave local, College Lawn and were immediately busy chatting to a bunch of guys.

Turned out the guy I was chatting to and the guy Annabelle had met separately were not only friends but flatmates and they were also hungry. You should know by now I’m always hungry. So we all cabbed over to St Kilda where we got a table at Topolino’s on Fitzroy Street.

We were all quite intoxicated and thought we were hilarious, although I’m sure the waitresses thought otherwise. We had a dozen oysters and a bottle of Chandon to start. Then pasta mains and we shared two desserts between the four of us.

We partied back at the boys house until 3am. One of the best nights I’ve had in a long time. Lucky none of us had to work Monday.

Actually I just remembered. Thursday I went to No.8 at Crown Casino for the St Kilda AFL Match Committee end of season dinner. I ended up at Supper Club & Siglos for cocktails and oysters afterwards.

Friday I went out to Fog with some girlfriends for champagne and we ended up trudging on to Boutique with group of people we met there. Good times and too much champagne on everyone’s behalf! Saturday was relaxed and I stayed in sat night. Brilliant.








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