Dumpling Sisters, Melbourne CBD

I had a good food experience today and I had a bad one. This, fortunately, was the good one!

I saw the name briefly pop up on urbanspoon when I was perusing the streets yesterday in search of lunch then stumbled across it on Exhibition Street today by Lonsdale Street.

It looks like a plain, boring, cheap joint. While it is cheap, it’s certainly not boring or plain, the food is fantastic and there was a constant stream of customers who I overheard chatting about their fave menu items – obviously regulars. I now intend to become one of them too.

I thought I would try something different and ordered the pork dumplings in hot and spicy soup. Now I don’t like hot and I certainly don’t like spicy so I have but no idea what made me think to choose this menu item! I pondered this as I sipped on my herbal tea during the extremely short wait (about 4 mins) for my soup to be bought over.

A huge serve and boy, it was delicious! The dumplings were slightly different from most as they had some crunch to them. Maybe bamboo sprouts or something that will hold it’s texture after cooking. It made for a pleasant surprise.

The soup wasn’t overly hot and spicy but I definitely drank more tea than I usually would!

I can’t wait to go back and try more menu items! 5/5!

Dumpling Sisters on Urbanspoon

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