Tangalooma Tale

A colleague told me about a special to get over to Tangalooma so I went about getting a bunch of people together to head over for some sunshine! 

Eight of us headed over on ANZAC Day, taking the ferry from the Port of Brisbane at 8.30am. The trip takes an hour twenty but they have decent coffees so we were happy! 
After a cold week it was lucky to have a warm, sunny break. Coming into Moreton island was gorgeous. The water was crystal clear, the sand gleaming and we couldn’t wait to get over to the wrecks. Moreton Island has 15 wrecks sunk not far offshore which makes for lovely snorkelling. 
We chose a spot on the beach and made a bee line for the water to cool off. Taking it in turns, we ventured out snorkelling around the wrecks. It was just gorgeous. I love seeing that world. Fish were everywhere, we even saw a giant turtle! The others saw reef sharks and a woobegong. 
I’d packed a picnic lunch which was wolfed down after a action packed morning. 
Renee and I went for a walk along the surf to the resort where she had a corona (I’m on an alcohol free weekend) and I admired the.. Scenery. 
There were heaps of jet skis and boats parked out the front of the resort, I think they had all come over from Brisbane. I would love to have a boat of jet ski – makes for an awesome lifestyle. 
By 3.30pm we were exhausted and happy to get back on the boat. Four Dolphins came up and said goodbye to the delight of all the passengers. The eight of us looked like we had had a massive night out! Trying to get as horizontal as possible, messy hair and coffees in hand. 
Great crew and awesome day – I can’t wait to get back out there! 

Thanks to Simon for the first and last two pics!. 

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