A week in Melbourne 

Okay. Not quite a week. Just 5 days. But with the amount I fitted in, it felt like a week!

I went over for work (mainly for a Dairy conference) and extended for the weekend.

I managed to catch up with most of my friends there – dinners, lunches & coffees plus a little partying!

I couldn’t wait to get out to Albert Lake where my hotel was but with a heavy schedule & terribly cliché Melbourne weather, I only made it on the final day for a quick stop on my way back from lunch.

I attended an awards gala with only a few hours notice – thank good Nikita came to the party with a dress for me to borrow.

I won’t lie, I spent most of my time eating dumplings. Dumplings at Hutong, dumplings at Dumpling Table, dumplings at Shanghai dumplings and dumplings at Juicy Dumplings. Dumplings, dumplings, dumplings. Yum!

I visited Mr Miyagi in Windsor for dinner and drinks with friends which I will write about soon – it was damn good! Great atmosphere & food. Fun times. The same night we had drinks at The Woods of Windsor – an intimate bar with knowledgeable bartenders and the best playlist I’ve heard in a long time! 50’s Rock N roll on Pandora they told me.

Friday night we started at Royal Saxon then on to Le Bon Ton and Grace & Laundry in Fitzroy.

My lovely friend Sammy treated me to a facial & microdermabrasion, we had a double room and laughed the whole way through – especially at our rubber masks!

Lisa & I rediscovered the streets, stopping at random festivals and exploring Hosier Lane.

Saturday night we went to a new bar for me, Terminus in Abbotsford. It was good to begin but it became quickly too packed upstairs.

Great to have been back in the old hood with all my friends!                                  

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