Sol Natural Food, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Fat, burnt and slack would probably make an appropriate title.

I was excited to eat here, lots of good recommendations & a new menu to try out.

My almond chai was alright and my peanut butter on toast wasn’t bad either. The only problem was that the bread was too thick. Chunky. Fat. Whichever way you wish to describe it. About 3-4cm a slice and there were two of them – for a natural foods place with a focus on healthy eating I found this to make quite a contrast. I left about 40% of it and scraped the peanut butter and banana etc off the rest.

Phoebe waited a LONG time for her toasted banana bread. And I think I know why… It was burnt to cinders. The top was a little burnt but the bottom was hard and black. Not edible. Not something you wouldn’t notice as a server. They had also forgotten her ice cream and when they realised they said they had none so she would have to have coyo instead.

When the replacement meal came out the banana hadn’t been grilled, it was just chopped up on top.

Slow service and no attention paid to the details. Disappointed and wouldn’t go back again.

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  1. Fat, burnt and slack would probably make an appropriate title.

    You make me laugh Paris Bushes!!

    Why the hell does the banana still have its peel on?


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