NYC, Day One

Day one was rather uneventful really. 

We arrived at 11pm the night before after travelling for 28 hours so logically, we dropped out bags, got dressed and hit the club.

We ended up at 1Oak, which we later found out is one of the most exclusive clubs in New York. It was really quiet until about 3am when it got packed out! Really intimate club with great rnb music. A pit stop at Bryant Deli at 6.30am, a drunken call to my parents and I was out. 

We slept until 10.30 then went for a wander around Times Square and a few shops before all three of us hit a wall. Back home for a nap from 3-6. 

We made it back out for dinner at an awesome Japanese restaurant, did some shopping and grabbed some beers on the way home so we could have a pre-town bevvie. 

Fast forward and we are at the PHd (Pent House Dreams Hotel) rooftop club in Chelsea. Little did we know it is one of the other most exclusive clubs in NYC. There was a $300minimum bar spend to get in and then you are escorted to the elevator where you are taken up to… I actually have no idea what level but it was really high!! 

The club was super packed but nice outside on the balcony so we mainly spent time out there. We met a bunch of hilarious local guys, who told us that our weekend had been their ‘dream weekend’ – seems we are doing okay with the whole NYC nightlife thing. 

Hours later we arrived home, after checking out a famous pizza joint and playing basketball at one of the guy’s apartments. Good times! 

I love New York. 



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