NYC, Day Two

Well after the rooftop and basketball apartment scenario, we were pretty tired. 

Same pattern as the day before, got up about 11, did some shopping made it to a baseball game then went home for a nap from 5-7. 

Yankee Stadium was awesome! I always love watching sport here. We got the cheapest tickets at $25 and sat right up in the bleachers. They have such great entertainment at the games! Yankees were playing Toronto, we managed to have what I would presume is a typical kind of ‘redneck’ American sitting behind us, yelling abuse at the Toronto supporters and screaming ninnntttyyyyyy thhhrreeee – which we presume is when they last won the series. 

Nikita was pretty tired still so stayed home while Lauren and I went for a walk to see Grand Central Station, Madison Ave & 5th ave. we had dinner at a wonderful Hawaiian themed restaurant which was part of the Tommy Bahamas store – beautiful shared tapas. We walked around Times Square in the dark to see all the lights and did a little shopping. 

Back at home we got an invite to a Nelly concert but instead we all went to the rooftop bar next door, Refinery. Such a beautiful space! 

We tried to get Nikita some dinner at 1am. We just wanted somewhere we could have a drink and eat but had no luck. After wandering aimlessly around we found a pizza place on Times Square, but before that, a man who had been recently stabbed (blood dripping down his back) found us and wanted a chat. 

Home in bed at a reasonable hour, we were looking towards our first ‘real’ day in New York where we might actually have time to explore. 




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