NYC, Day 3

Our first proper day in New York! One where we weren’t exceptionally hungover or tired. 

First up, NYC high line. Really cool old railway over pass that they’ve turned into a walk with a beautiful garden and cityscape views and rad art installations. Highly recommend it. 

We dropped down at Chelsea markets, another really cool place that I hadn’t been to in my precious trips and love! Wicked markets and incredible food. I had a tasting of pasta and it was quite possibly the best I have ever had!

Lunch was a lobster roll. Yep, a delicious lobster roll! It was succulent and fresh. We got it from a fresh seafood market where there was delicious, quality seafood everywhere you looked, my mouth was watering. Definitely eat there if you’re in Chelsea. 

Over to Central Park for a quick lie down in the grass and to take in the sights. We wandered over to the lake and had a (very strong – I love free pour) cocktail at the Boathouse. 

A quick pit stop for shopping and a snack from Whole Foods (best grocery store ever) and we were on our way home. 

We met John on the rooftop of his apartment for a drink. The view up there is ridiculous! I have stayed here four times but never been up there. Crazy. We shared a beer with John, taking in the views and he told us to dress up. He had got us in to his fave restaurant and it was somewhere really nice – but a secret. 

He went to the Australian to have some drink while we got ready. 

We met him down there, dressed up and I was reintroduced to the barman there, Al. We all ended up having shots and 3 last drinks. 

John, Lauren, Nikita and I headed over in a cab and pulled up in front of Beauty and Essex, at which point Lauren got super excited as she knew of its reputation. 

Behind a pawn shop is a secret door and an amazing bar and restaurant. We started with cocktails and John said that Al was coming to join us too. 

We had so much fun drinking and eating. The food was magnificent – absolutely amazing. We got Lauren a cupcake with a candle and sung happy birthday to her rather loudly after many cocktails. 

Al took us around the corner to a prohibition bar called Pianos that was down a secret pathway which looked abandoned. Inside was in full swing, full of people. Drink were either served in paper bags or in teacups and there was a piano and great old music. We danced and had a ball! 

Big thanks to John for an incredible night and letting us stay in his apartment!!!!!! I always have a brilliant time with him. 


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