NYC, Day 4

Since we had a late night, we slept in again – our body clocks are absolutely whack!

I got up first and went for lunch wth John at the Brooklyn Diner in Times Square then met Lauren for some shopping at Macy’s. After many deliberations I finally bought my watch – went with a Marc Jacobs leather strap one. I love it.

Nikita emerged about 4pm, we met her and took the subway to Brooklyn Bridge. We walked over the bridge and all the way into Brooklyn then grabbed a subway deeper in, to where a map said was the ‘restaurant area’ I think what it may have accurately been labelled as is ‘nearly the hood, state housing, make you feel a little nervous area.’

We hopped back on the subway and over to Manhattan to Little Italy. The restaurant we chose was far from good. Shit, slow service. Average food and an annoying 8 year old waiter. He was cute to start then bloody irritating when he kept trying to take our plates and talk to us. Let’s just say, he didn’t get a tip! Don’t visit Lunella, always check the reviews. It’s worth finding wifi to do so – we spent USD$150 on a poor meal & service.

We Ubered home and were exhausted. We all fell into a deep sleep knowing we only had one day left in this awesome city.    



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