NYC, Day 5

Our last day in New York. Cue the sad violins. 

Up and Adam, laundry on and walking around the city. Funny thing is, nothing opens until 9… What!! 

Met John for the last time (cue sad violins again) and had a wonderful brunch at The Harold on 32nd and 6th. I loved my lobster eggs benedict but the girls didn’t like the taste or colour of the eggs. They have a yellow yolk over here. 

We parted ways and took the subway to 5th Ave for a spot of high street shopping. I finally bought some sunnies from Michael Kors which I love. And seeing the horrible conversion rate from AUD to USD, I should too!!

We had a car pick us up and take us to JFK airport for our flight to Vegas. The queues were far too long for our liking. A good 40mins circling those little shitty ropes they put up.

We all slept most of the way, checked in to our hotel (a great deal – the Westin just off the strip through a mystery HotWire deal) and cabbed to a Chinese restaurant in Gold Coast. 

We had a delicious meal full of veggies, just what we were craving. And dumplings. Always with the dumplings! 

We wandered around the strip but there weren’t many young people around, mainly crowds of families and couples. Eventually we found a bar in Caesar’s and had a drink before going to bed. 

Oh! And holy moly it was nice to have a plush as hell bed with aircon, a lush duvet and fluffy pillow! And the black out curtains. Oh my life. Slept so well!! 



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