Playa Del Carmen, Day 2

With our tour booked for Tulum with Easy Tours we were up early & ready to roll. 

What a f#%k around. It took about 2 hours to get to Tulum which should be a 30min trip. We were dropping and picking up people for different tours, swapping guides, stopping for a mandatory ten min stop. 

Everyone on our shuttle was really irratated by the time we got there. Our guide, Roberto, spoke Spanish, English and German. We walked to the ruins, he gave us some quick history and then left us to free time. It was too long and we ended up walking back of our own accord. On the way we passed a couple from our shuttle who had been on an extra hour than we had, hoping in a cab. They didn’t want to deal with that madness on the way back. And neither did we. We asked to be taken back an hour and a half before we were supposed to and to our surprise, they obliged. We had free time at the beach but for the last few months Playa Del Carmen has been plagued with a lot of seaweed. It is impacting their tourism industry. 

We had lunch at a wonderful place on the beachfront. I had a beautifully presented ceviche (there’s a surprise) and a beer. Lots of beer drinking in Mexico. 

Since we had so much of the day left after cutting our tour short we headed over to Cozumel. A return ticket wil cost you $17USD on the ferry. 

We were surprised at how big Cozumel was when we arrived. There’s markets and shops and, wait for it, no seaweed! 

After walking for 20mins we grabbed a can to SkyTree, a newish beach club around the island. $15USD got us our snorkel set, a drink (hello piña colada), a tequila tasting and (should we have made it earlier) a 5 minute massage. 

We grabbed sun loungers and went straight out to snorkel. There isn’t much reef straight out there but it is still very pretty and a few tropical fish meandering about. 

We fell asleep on the sun loungers and were woken when it closed, they had already ordered a cab back to the ferry for us. Wonderful place – I highly recommend visiting. 

After being ripped off by the cab back to the ferry we got back to Playa Del Carmen, found a restaurant and had some cocktails. I had shrimp tacos but they weren’t very good. 

On the way home we passed by a strip next to where we were staying towards the beach and found a bunch of clubs. The guys were fighting over themselves to get us in there, free rounds of cocktails and table service. We tried out three before retiring for the night. 































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  1. Sorry to hear that things did not go as planned. But I hope you enjoyed the ruins and the beaches in Tulum. The long white sandy beaches south of the archaeological site are extremely beautiful, I could have stayed there forever 🙂


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