Playa Del Carmen, Day 4

I loved Cozumel so much that I decided to go back! I found a $20USD snorkel tour, jumped on the ferry and found the pier. I had an hour to kill till the trip so went for a wander around some art galleries and outside the tourist areas. When I’m alone everyone thinks I am Spanish so I just rolled with it. Haha. 

Grabbed some of the best fish tacos to eat takeaway on the boat – they were so fresh and delicious. 

On the boat, of course, everyone spoke Spanish. I was put on a Spanish speaking tour. It was quite funny, I think I got the gist of what was being said. We went to three reefs, the first one was sh*t – no reefs around, the second was actually on a little reef and had lots of pretty, colourful,tropical fish. The third was a deep snorkel, it was really cool, could see all the schools of fish and two HUGE fishes slowly crawling around the bottom. I haven’t done many like that and I loved it. 

I shared some beers with my Spanish amigos on the way back to shore, the water is crystal clear and beautiful. 

I took the 4pm ferry back and got some shopping done. Lots of gifts for friends and family and colleagues. I kept walking and found a whole new area we hadn’t even explored yet. Shops, malls, food, markets – heaps to see. 

Starving, I sat down for some ceviche (yeap, again) and cerveza (beer) at a small restaurant down a side street. It was great but I started feeling quite motion sick from the snorkelling earlier. I think the beer kicked it in. They made me a fresh salsa right on my table with a grinder. Tomato, cilantro and onion with a little chilli. It was freaking delightful. I’m going to try it when I get back. 

I walked back and met the girls who had been sunbathing all day at a beach club and had a fun trip back in a VW with a local. We went for dinner but the place chosen was terrible service and they said the food was average. I stuck with my beer. 

Lauren and I went for churros afterwards, filled with chocolate hazelnut bueno and sorbet – yum. We people watched on the street for a while and fed our faces. So much sugar though, I couldn’t sleep for ages!! 

An ‘early’ night at 1am for our last night in Mexico. 


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