Playa Del Carmen, Day 5

A very short day in Mexico – I didn’t want to leave! 

Slept in a little then got all our luggage ready. I was flying to Vancouver at 4pm and the girls were heading to Cancun for a night, then LA for a night before they fly back. 

We went for a walk to check the shuttles to the airport and as it turned out we had a lot less time than we thought. We grabbed a fish burrito (very unlike our westernised burrito – it was just a crumbed fish, a little lettuce and tomato in a wrap with chipotle sauce) and headed to the bus station. Transfers direct to Cancun airport cost $12USD – not bad. 

Nikita and Lauren came for the ride to the airport as they were checking in to their hotel in Cancun. We said our goodbyes and went our seperate ways after an awesome 2 weeks together. Later I found out the lucky girls got to see turtles hatch! 

I had lost my immigration form so had to pay $30USD to get through the airport. I’m 

Flew to Phoenix first, I have never seen so many people running through an airport! It was crazy. I nearly missed my flight, so I was one of those people running too. 

My flight was delayed however so I did make it after all and got into Vancouver hit before midnight. 

Flew through customs and bag check, took the skytrain to Yaletown and met up with my good friend Amanda who I am staying with while I’m in Vancouver. 

We walked Keenu (their beautiful husky dog) home and caught up over red wine until 3am. So good to be back!


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