My Mexican Boyfriends

One of my favourite aspects of Playa Del Carmen is my Mexican boyfriends! I have sooo many. 

Let me describe to you our conversations…

Mexican: Hola Chica! 

Me: Hola 

Mexican: you want to buy something for your boyfriend? 

Me: . 

Mexican: oh you don’t have a boyfriend? Well, I will be your boyfriend. 

Me: .

Mexican: your Mexican lovvveerrrrr. Available 24/7. Mexican giggalo just for you señorita! 

Me: still walking away 

Mexican: oh yes, wait till I show you my Mexican (still not sure what this word is but you can imagine) …

Me:… Can barely hear them anymore 

Mexican: okay I’ll just wait here for you chicaaaaa! Ooohhhh.

You get the drift, it goes on and on with varying lines. Not just one or two guys, but most of them as you walk down the street. And while they’re trying to be sleezy, they’re just not. They just love talking smack. 

Nikita’s fave was when we were called Charlie’s Angels. 

Often the Mexicans mistake Lauren and I for Mexicans and start talking Spanish to us until they realise we aren’t responding at all. 

It’s a fun game, I need to learn Spanish so I can beat them at it, although, I don’t think it would be quite the same… 


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  1. I loved your take on a walk down 5th Avenue. Although it can be annoying as hell at times, these guys really are harmless and not to be taken too seriously, all in good “fun” 🙂


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