Vancouver, Day 2

It’s like the breakfast holiday so far!

Amanda cooked me one of the most amazing breakfast I have had in my life. Fresh croissants, sautéed onions & mushrooms, poached eggs and a béarnaise sauce with truffle oil. Truffle oil! So essentially, an eggs benne on steroids! 

Next up? My first attempt at riding a bike in years. Like, not just a few. Many. Likeeee maybe 15? Maybe more? I haven’t ridden since I was a young teen. Soo I was pretty shaky. And uncoordinated. It would have been hilarious to watch. I struggled. Amanda was in hysterics at my uncoordinated approach. 

Anyway, I made it (slowly with lots of squeals) to Bellas Gelateria which, rumour has it, has the best mimosas in town. I’d care to agree at this stage. Mimosas with a splash of orange creamsicle – yumm. Anda offered for us to have a second, but I could barely drive that push bike sober. 

I forget how beautiful Vancouver is. The Seawall, the sky, the buildings. Yaletown and the Marina is simply stunning.

We made it to sunset beach, spread out the blanket and sunbathed. Actually, we napped. It was lovely. The music, everyone enjoying the sun, warm but not too hot. 

Our friend Pouria met us with some coronas, of which I drank two, now confident I could make it back home on the bike. 

It was definitely a quicker ride home. 

At home we discovered that we were both burnt down our left side only. There was one thing to do – nap. We were supposed to go on a night boat cruise but we were both so wiped out we just went to the bottlo for a red, got some cheese and watched a movie until we crashed out – again.

A lovely, cruisey day. 


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