Vancouver, Day 4

Started the day with a buffet brekfast. Met the most hilarious omelette making man ever. Not that I’ve met others to compare him to….

I had planned to take the day off work but Yvette had something urgent come up so we ended up working most of the day. 

Later in the arvo we took a break to go out on the jet ski! I had to sign 4 pages worth of legality to have it for just an hour! It cost $140 but was well worth it – I loved every minute of it! The speed was capped at 90kmph so obviously reaching that was my first feat. 

We flew around the lake taking in the sights of the Canadian landscape. It was stunning and all fun and games until we got out to the middle of the lake and the wind picked up. It was crazy, like being out on an angry ocean. We were getting sprayed by water in every direction and slapping down after each wave. We could barely go fast at all. Once we made it back towards the coast the waves went down a little and we were able to fly across the low once again! 

We worked again for a bit then walked around the lake and had sushi for dinner. I really wanted a beautiful trout or fish from the lake but surprisingly nobody had them. Sushi was average. 

We watched the sunset and spent time in the hot pools for the rest of the evening. 


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