First day of the last year of my twenties. Shite.

Around my birthday I always take time to reflect on the year that has been for me and what I have achieved.

It’s been a big year. A huge year even, but really, when do I ever have a quiet one?! I’m not one for sitting around and watching the world go past me while I idly admire it.

I guess the biggest thing for me is that I am in a job I LOVE that I am still wanting to be in after 15 months. If you know me, you’ll have a fair assumption that I am a commitment phobe. I struggle with being tied down, avoid signing leases, romantic relationships, buying large ticket items/pets (anything that will keep me in one place) and even having a permanent role – until this one came around. Thank God it did though. I am more ‘settled’ than I have ever been with no plans of skipping cities or countries anytime soon. I love the culture and the people, my job is great and I even made it into LEAP (Leaders enhancement authenticity program) with 12 of my peers after an intense application period.

LEAP runs for a year, outside of work time and I was nominated Captain of my Team too by my peers. I can’t wait to see what I will be like on the other side.

I have also had immense opportunities for personal and leadership development. We were gifted the opportunity to explore more about ourselves, our behaviours, leadership styles etc. I am more comfortable and aware because of it. I even display my emotions now. Sometimes… haha.

The last thing I will say on the work front is that I also won the Wiley Young Gun award which was an awesome honour. I am proud of the results of my efforts.

Travel wise, I visited my one new country. Each year I try travel to at least one new country to keep up with my age. This year it was Mexico and it has fast skipped up the list to be in my top few fave countries. I can’t wait to go back. I also spent a lot of time in NZ and tripped around USA. I spent a week working from Vancouver, a city I love and miss living in. I spend a bit of time travelling domestically for work which allows me to catch up with my friends all around Australia. I want to spend more time exploring QLD this coming year, I always struggle to find the time.

I have been exercising more than ever before. Not really on purpose but I seem to have a crap load of energy and exercising is the best way to rid of some of it. I’ve started waking up stupid early (apparently a sign of getting old) too so suddenly I find myself with time in the morning to get active. I feel so good after being outside and stretching my muscles.

Relationships… haha I had a hilarious Tinder date, you can read about that here. Other than that, I have been on a number of dates with great guys but nothing worth mentioning. Although, the new Happn app is great. It’s like gourmet Tinder – if you’re single, get on it!

This year one of my biggest fears also slapped me front centre. My Dad was diagnosed with a deteriorating lung condition. There have been some not so nice days however the world is an amazing place and there are incredible medical advancements daily.

What else? Hmmm I moved back to where I love, Kangaroo Point. My dumpling addiction has come to an all-time high and I now crave beer like never before after visiting Mexico. I met some amazing people and let go of some that didn’t fit anymore. I volunteered time to a charity event (JDRF Sportsquiz, if you’re in Bris be there!) and loved it. I had my car written off and I bought a new one. I chopped off my forever long locks in exchange for a choppy bob. I attempted, and failed, to drink less alcohol.

Next year is already shaping up nicely! I guess I’ll tell you all about it in a year.




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  1. Wonderful post. I had to crack a smile when you mentioned your “dumpling addiction” lol. I loved reading your blog this year. I too will be saying bye bye to my twenties soon. As they say “like a fine wine, you just get better with time”.

    • Haha it’s a strong one. I’d eat them for almost every meal if I could.
      Thank you, I’ve been a bit light on it. Need to get back into it!
      I like that, great saying. However with my current raging hangover wine doesn’t seem so fine right now!


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