Birthday of all birthdays

Holy crapballs. I was SPOILT!!

What a way  to remind me about the incredible people I have in my life!

My wonderful family surprised me with a HUGE bunch of flowers sent to work the day before. I love a good surprise – there’s not enough of them in life.

The morning of I woke up, went for a big walk around Kangaroo Point, facetimed my parents and unwrapped my awesome gifts.

At work I was blessed with another surprise. My Team had pulled together a mini party for me. Ceri had made me the most delicious lactose free cake with dark choc. A few weeks beforehand I had realised that I had always wanted to fly and that I could just take some random flying lessons. I came to work and told them all about it then got carried away in my hectic life. My team had remembered this and gifted me with a voucher to learn to fly. I was completely blown away. I may or may not have shed a tear. Unless you were there, you will never know.

Lisa met me for lunch at Sushi Train and handed over my ‘makeshift’ gift. The perfect interlude to my day.

In the afternoon I had another bunch of flowers arrive from my dear friend, Beck and my friend Lisa (you may remember her from this blog) sent me some choc dipped strawbs – my fave! She always forgets my birthday and had called me earlier in the week to ask when it was. Hilariously, and in true Lisa form, she thought she had sent them a day early and that my birthday was the next day.

Dinner rolled around, you’ll never guess where we went. Harajuku Gyoza – another one of my faves as the main menu item is (dumplings)  gyoza. I had an awesome crew join me, eat gyoza, drink beer, shot sake and scream at each other over the loud music and shrieking wait staff. Perfect night and yet again spoilt with generous gifts.

Setting the standards for my 30th!*


*Speaking of which, where shall we go?



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