Bundy Buddies

Happy Birthday to me! Used my Velocity points to buy return flights to Bundaberg to visit my best mate Benny in Bargara for a long weekend. 

I flew over on a Thursday where I promptly landed and had to go into a two hour Skype meeting for work that evening. Checked out Ben’s beautiful new pad and got a good sleep in. 

I worked from Ben’s office Fri, pretended to be the receptionist to the odd visitor – it was quite fun. Bargara is a tiny town where everyone knows everyone and everyone was very confused at my presence.

I went to Ben’s Christmas party he hosted for clients and we then went to his flat mate’s Christmas party in Bundaberg which turned into maccas at 3am and the lovely Jo driving us all home. I’m sure we were annoying as hell in our joyous states. I rarely sing, but when I do, I’m drunk. Good luck to you and I hope you have earphones. 

Saturday Benny and I went for a beautiful seafood lunch (it’s so cheap!! Love being by the ocean) at Gruntsky’s and met Jo for dinner with some other friends. I had a friend in from Sydney and we went out for drinks. 

Sunday brunch and a beach walk then it was time to say goodbye to Benny & Jo and catch the tiny plane back to Brisbane.






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