A ‘quiet’ Christmas 

Yes this post is late. Yes I have been busy and yes I will try keep up to date better!
I flew home from Brisbane to my other home in NZ on the 22nd to help mum with the Christmas preparations. The only help I probably was in reality though was picking at all the food she ate and telling great stories to keep her entertained. 

We had a quieter Christmas this year. Our neighbours, the Keddies joined us for lunch which of course turned into dinner. 

We had a blast playing ‘corn throw’ (it’s called something like that) where you have bags filled of corn and are trying to throw them into a hole in an angled board about 6m away. After a few champagnes Beth & I were nailing it. After a few more, we were napping with the rest of them. 

As always, the food was delicious and plenty and we had a lovely time. I was spoilt by my family who all bought me really thoughtful gifts. I hope they felt spoilt by me too. 

(Few random pics from my holiday thrown in too)


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