Singapore, Day Two. Champagne brunches and drunken debauchery 

I woke up early and tried to stay in bed a while as I heard Singaporeans weren’t early risers. What an understatement! I was up at ten and the whole of Chinatown was still shut down. Ample opportunities for selfoes though. 

I wandered around the empty streets for a while and met Kieran where he was having breakfast. We both had a little snack as we were preserving stomach space for the expensive Sunday champagne brunch at the Hilton we were attending later that morning. 

We took the MRT to Orchard Road, found the hotel and waited for brunch to start. 

I will write an entirely seperate review blog for the brunch but highlights included:

  • Eating 3 dozen oysters
  • Drinking our weight in Louis Roederer champagne 
  • Seafood, sashimi galore
  • More cheese than I have ever seen before 
  • Foie gras as big as my hand 
  • Scotch egg with truffle hollandaise sauce 
  • Coolest nitrogen dessert that had you breathing smoke for longer than you’d imagine 

It was awesome. Somehow we were there from 12-4.30 even though it finished at 3. We were messy. We were drunk. And we were having a ball!! 

Ka Lei & Kieran went home (they had drunk more than I had) and I decided on a bout of drunken shopping. I bought a lovely Michael Kors Clutch, spent too much at Sephora (it’s no cheaper) and bought some trinkets. I got my eyebrows and lip threaded and nearly even got semi permanent (they call it embroidery or something – it’s basically a tattoo) eyebrow colouring done which lasts two years! Glad I had enough senses not to do that in the end. 

After perusing Orchard Road I went back home to rest my feet (the feeling had come back as the champers was wearing off and it was getting damn painful) and wait to get hungry. Except the feeling never came! Shockingly I didn’t get hungry and I think my tummy was feeling used and abused as it was rather unsettled all night. 



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