Feilding for a week

I spent the week of Easter at home on the farm in NZ. The main reason I went back was for Luke’s 21st and to spend time with my family… although I had a medical procedure also booked in which didn’t end up happening. Funny story, I shall explain below.
Luke’s 21st was a low key affair, a BBQ at home and an impromptu yardie! We had a great time, I was glad I could be there to celebrate with him and everyone else who came along.

Dan and I had a hell of a time getting back for Luke’s 21st! His car had an engine light come on so we couldn’t drive it back from Welly. The taxi was last to get us and then there was an accident ahead in the traffic while we were busing home so we were a lot later back!

I was able to work from home mon-thurs, which is an incredible blessing for me. The company I work for are AWESOME. Even though I’m parked at my laptop all day, I’m at home and we can all go for lunch and I can enjoy the evening with them. It makes me a hell of a lot happier to be able to do so.

I caught up with my usual group of friends and a few extras plus some extended family. It even tied in with a family friend’s birthday dinner coincidentally.

So, hilariously, I had a medical procedure booked in and thought it to be strange that they hadn’t contacted me. Upon investigation, I had been put forward for the wrong procedure… Completely! Thank God we realised that before I went in.

Our good friends, the Davies came to stay for Easter – we always have a blast together. Alescha bought over my Goddaughter from Auckland, she’s just started school and you can certainly tell! Definitely like her Mum!

Kim, my best mate from Masterton came to stay and as always, we were unable to take a good pic together – we are cursed!

As always, I’ve come home about 3kgs heavier. Gahhh. Bloody delicious NZ food. My eating habits go out the window. I can’t get enough sizzlers, steak, NZ cheese and wine, home grown tomatoes on toast and as it was Easter, hot cross buns and chocolate. Looks like it’s back to an extended gym routine for me!

Oh, and check out the three layer cake my cousin, Steph made! It was amazing and tasted like a party in your mouth!






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