Summer House – Kangaroo Point 

I’ve been to Summer House a number of times, mainly on dates and for drinks with friends but this time I made it for an impromptu brunch.

Nikki and I ordered our coffees – a soy piccolo and a almond chai latte. Me in active wear, her in casual clothes and big beautiful glasses, we must have looked like we just jumped off the hipster plane from Melbourne!

My almond chai latte was beautiful, the best I’ve had in Kangaroo Point, however Nik’s want to her liking. The soy brand wasn’t the greatest choice.

I’d done the city loop walk and was suddenly ravenous so perused the menu and decided on the avocado and feta smash as it came with… TRUFFLE oil! Sold sold sold.

It looks small in the picture but it was actually a large serving, I even gave a quarter of it to Nikki to try. Delish! Hint of truffle oil, fresh avo and some cherry tomatoes and a cheese I couldn’t quite place. Maybe a very mild feta. Delightful.

I’d happily go back and will definitely be getting my chai lattes there in future!

Side note, inside looked really nice and intimate. I may investigate for a nice dinner. Live music Friday and Sunday too!

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