Kimye comes to visit 

I was lucky enough to have my best friend, Kim (or Pilly or Kimye) visit me for three hours while she was in transit from Perth to Wellington. 

I don’t often have friends to visit from NZ  and I always get super excited to share my world. 

People always presume that Brisbane is a big city-city. I think of it more as a town-city or a beachsideesque-city as it is a lot slower moving than the likes of Melbourne or Sydney. 

You can still get parks in the city on the road during the day and traffic isn’t terrible most of the time. Needless to say, I want to share with people how beautiful the city is where I live. Especially when I’m trying to make them move over, right Kim… Kidding! I gave up on a few years ago now, although it would be nice. 

Anyway, I gave Kim the three hour express whirlwind Brisbane tour! Straight to South Bank for a looksie, through the city, pitstop at Doughnut Time for a cookie dough  doughnut, New Shaghai to pick up dumplings to eat on the balcony, Kangaroo Point for views & then chugging wine (her not me, I had to drive) on my balcony before heading back to the airport. Yewww! 

My fave pic is Kim with the wine bottle in her hand on the balcony, I half considered ‘accidentally’ making her miss her flight. 

Come back soon, Kimye! 

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