Riomaggiore, Day 1

I ran from my train to the front of the station to meet Sheldon, found her, gave her a big hug and we made the mad dash to find our train.

In the train there was a bunch of kerfuffle as apparently the seats were set and we didn’t pick that up on our Italian tickets. Furthermore, our seats weren’t together so we kept trying to find two together and then being kicked out!
Fast forward three hours and a beautiful journey through the hillsides from Milan to Levante then Levante to Riomaggoire, we finally reached our destination. Picturesque from the moment you jump off the train.
Walking through a long tunnel, you come out on Colombo, the main plaza area of the seaside village. I’m not even going to try describing what the houses look like and the way they are built randomly on top of each other in a ravine, I’ll let the pictures do the talking below. It is breathtaking, jaw dropping… The lot. Surpassed my expectations of how I had imagined it would be.

We met Irene our AirBnB host, who showed us up the steepest three flights of stairs (suitcase in tow) to our apartment. Two bedrooms, heaps of space, incredible location and open windows looking down into the plaza. Complete with a clothes line on the side! Love it.

Showered (was so gross from 24 hours of travel) and we were straight outside to explore.

There’s live music in the streets and they’re just buzzing with people. There are open bars and restaurants and little market stalls.

We made our way to the coastline for sunset, it is spectacular. Again, just how I had imagined it but better. And when you look back towards the village, it is an impressive view, giving a true perspective of just how many levels are steeped about.
We spent hours walking through tiny paths and steps, through tunnels. It’s a rabbit warren and you never know what you will find outside.

We ended up back outside our apartment for dinner at Cucina Centrale. Ordered the caprese (a fave) to start, with some mussels in a white wine and garlic butter sauce followed by traditional carbonara and washed down with some sweet (very easy to drink) house red wine.

We bought gelato and then it was off for more exploring. In true European fashion, everyone was still out at 11pm and the live street music was pumping until well after midnight.

The only thing that isn’t particularly appealing for me is all the smokers. I can smell it on myself this morning.
It’s nearly 9am and the street below me has barely stirred. I’m starving and ready for breakfast! Can’t wait to see what today’s adventures (and meals) hold!

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