Hank’s Burgers – Uber Eats

I was super excited to try Uber Eats as it launched in Brisbane today! 

My flatmate, David, chose Hank’s Burgers and we both went for a Kentucky Burger – spicy crispy fried chicken, bacon, lettuce, American cheese, mayo and smokey BBQ. 

I was uber (see what I did there) excited for our burgers to arrive but unfortunately our order was picked up by a bike (thought Uber Eats would be cars?) and the delivery time went right up. I get hangry at the best of times. 

Anyway the burger arrived and while it wasn’t hot (meh, I’ll survive), it wasn’t spicy or crispy. And I am disappointed. 

While I will give Uber Eats another go, I won’t go back to Hank’s Burgers. 

Time to try Ze Pickle! 

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