Miami Memories 

This morning I went for a walk in some pants I hadn’t worn for a long time and they bought back this hilarious memory I have from when I was visiting Miami a few years ago. 

I’d just finished a big organised tour from Washington which ended in Miami, so I stayed on a few more days to recouperate… and by recouperate, I mean drink all the strawberry coladas I could get my hands on. 

Anyway I thought I’d get some exercise in as I hadn’t done any for some time. I headed into town and bought the pants in the pic above, along with the matching crop. 

Being in Miami gave me some false confidence so I went for a jog with just the crop and pants on, my midriff out for all the Art Deco tourists and Muscle Beach boys to see.

Not long into my run a man stopped me. He said ‘girl watcha running for? You damn fine just the way you are! Go on home now!’ … so I did. 

I took that man’s random compliment, laughed the whole way back to my hotel and ordered some more ceviche and a strawberry colada. 

And that incident, is one of the many reasons why I love America. The random and empowering encounters you have there make me feel happy and bemused. 

Have a happy Thursday friends! x

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