Babbalucci, Harlem, NYC

We lunched at Babbalucci on my first day in New York for a group lunch. It’s a cozy Italian restaurant nestled away around 127th on Lennox Ave.

I had all but chosen the eggplant parmigiana but then I found the pizza menu! Man, do they have an impressive pizza menu. I’m not a massive pizza fan but these had such unique flavours I couldn’t not! I finally chose the Honey Pie, a white based pizza of ricotta, mozzarella, gorgonzola and hot peppers (jalapeños), spicy salami with a honey truffle sauce.

It was amazing, the flavours all melded together well and the truffle with the seeet honey at the end finished it off. The pizza was traditionally cooked to perfection in a wood fire oven with a crispy base.

Miguel had a pizza with duck prosciutto on it. It was very dark and had a sweet sauce on it, a very interesting combination.

I want to go back and try the rest!

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